[Alpha] App: Customizer

Informations regarding the Customizer app are not completed. This is an Alpha page.

The Customizer app allows you to customize your DOJI appearance.

Current status: The Customizer app is current under development.

Some alpha leaks of the Customizer app were released, showing some informations (all these informations are alpha and are subjected to change) :

  • There 15 customisable parts on a DOJI

  • The DOJI will earn the Salary of the DOJI batteries (see FAQ) staked on it: in the leak, the DOJI own 42 batteries giving it a salary of 720 $ZINGOTs per day.

  • There are Win and Lose values

  • Coins (like Fleet coin) can be displayed on the DOJI.

    • It's not clear if a DOJI can display several Fleet coin, or if there will be other coins than the Fleet coin (this latter hypothesis is favored).

  • In the second image, showing the part selection the red dot of the bottom of the parts indicate parts in your wallet but not attached to the DOJI.

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