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[Alpha] App: Customizer

Informations regarding the Customizer app are not completed. This is an Alpha page.
The Customizer app allows you to customize your DOJI appearance.
Current status: The Customizer app is current under development.
Some alpha leaks of the Customizer app were released, showing some informations (all these informations are alpha and are subjected to change) :
  • There 15 customisable parts on a DOJI
  • The DOJI will earn the Salary of the DOJI batteries (see FAQ) staked on it: in the leak, the DOJI own 42 batteries giving it a salary of 720 $ZINGOTs per day.
  • There are Win and Lose values
  • Coins (like Fleet coin) can be displayed on the DOJI.
    • It's not clear if a DOJI can display several Fleet coin, or if there will be other coins than the Fleet coin (this latter hypothesis is favored).
  • In the second image, showing the part selection the red dot of the bottom of the parts indicate parts in your wallet but not attached to the DOJI.
Alpha leak of the customizer app
Alpha leak of the customizer app