DOJI Manual

DOJI parts

DOJI can be revealed with the Reveal app on the dojicrew website (see here). After reveal, the DOJI's appearance is displayed and can be be divided in different parts. Each part has different possible appearances, some rarer than other. This part appearance is one of the rarity axis of the Dojis.
In the future, owners will be able to remove DOJI's parts to use them for another DOJI, or to resell them.
(Work in progress) The rarity of each parts are being collected by the community and are available here:
Google sheet of the part probabilities on reveal
  • You can see the probabilities screen each time you rename your DOJI
  • The background type and background color always have the same probabilities, they do not indicate the probability to have either this specific background type or this specific background color, but the probability to have this set of background type and color.
  • Same situation for eyes type and color.
  • Constellations, visor motif, antenna (top and side), headfones, and camera (head and body) are optional parts which probabilities are not displayed during the reveal. The community is collected information about them.