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[Alpha] Crew Coin

Informations regarding the Crew Coin are not completed. This is an Alpha page.
Also called, "1-9 coin" or the "Fleet Coin", the "Crew Coin" is a special NFT granting advantages to their owners. It can be minted by holding one DOJI of each rank (i.e. one rank 1 DOJI, one rank 2 DOJI, etc.). Each of these nine DOJI need to be part of the same faction: DOJICREW or XCREW.
Current informations are:
  • The coin image will show the appearance (at the mint time) of the DOJIs used to mint it.
  • One DOJI can be part of only one “Fleet coin”, ever
  • "Crew Coin" utility:
    • A “Crew Coin” full of unrevealed DOJI will come with a reward trait set
    • A “Crew Coin” full of frozen unrevealed DOJI will give a better reward trait set
Initial sneak peak of Frozen Unrevealed Crew Coin art (left) and of the Unrevealed Crew Coin art (right)
[Preview] Reward traits set for Unrevealed Fleet coin
​​[Preview] Reward traits set for Unrevealed Frozen Fleet coin