• What are the different ranks of DOJIs? The list is below, see also Ranks and Salaries for more details.

    • Rank 1: Junior Spaceman

    • Rank 2: Spaceman

    • Rank 3: Spaceman First Class

    • Rank 4: Senior Spaceman

    • Rank 5: Ensign

    • Rank 6: Lieutenant

    • Rank 7: Captain

    • Rank 8: Commodore

    • Rank 9: Commander

  • How many different parts in a DOJI? Alpha leaks suggest 15 parts, this information is not confirmed yet.

  • What are the rarest DOJIs? There are several layer of rarity in the DOJICREW project, each DOJI has a rank which is more or less rare, and each DOJI has parts which also have rarity rating. However, since DOJI are customizable, the rarity of the DOJI can change depending on the combination of parts used for it. See DOJI rarity axis for more details.

  • Which parts are the rarest? The rarity of the parts on mint can be found in this page. However, DOJI are not revealed automatically, hence, the current rarity of the parts is different than the "rarity on mint". In addition, the rarity of the parts can be permanently affected by frozen unrevealed DOJIs.

  • What are frozen DOJIs? DOJI are customizable, however, owners can decide to permanently freeze their DOJI, commiting its current apparence on permanent support, disabling any customization on it. Unrevealed DOJI can also be frozen, making them permanently unrevealed.

  • What are "batteries"? Customization is a big part of the DOJICREW project. You will soon be able to take parts from some of the DOJI to scavenge their parts. A "battery" is just a DOJI stripped from their parts.

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