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App: Courier

The courier app was the first new tech released by the DOJI project, it allows DOJIs to receive gifts: The DOJI itself receive the gift, not its owner. This implies non-minted DOJIs can receive gifts.
The courier app is available here:
Courier app on dojicrew website
Technical information:
DOJI can received ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, these NFTs are hold on the Courier app contract address until claimed by the DOJI owner.
Requirement: In order to use the Courier app, you need to use a browser with MetaMask installed, and connected on Ethereum mainnet. If these two conditions are not fulfilled the Courier app will not be able to find any gifts.
  • Checking for gift:
Enter the DOJI ID number in the field (5000 in this example)
After clicking on "VIEW DOJI", the Courier app will look for gifts
In case your DOJI has gifts, they will appears on the page
  • Claiming gifts:
After clicking on "Claim Gifts", the Courier app will lead you to a Gift selection page, on which you will need to select/click the gift(s) you want to claim.
After selecting the gift, click on "CLAIM GIFT", validate the transaction and you will receive your gift
You can't claim gift from DOJI you don't own however
  • Sending gifts:
After clicking on "SEND GIFT Gift", the Courier app will show your NFT collection, from which you can select the gift you want to send
Select a NFT, click and "Send", and then "Confirm" on the following page
You will have to validate two transactions to send the gift: a first transaction to "authorize" the contract to access your NFT, and a second transaction to properly send the NFT to the DOJI.