App: Courier

The courier app was the first new tech released by the DOJI project, it allows DOJIs to receive gifts: The DOJI itself receive the gift, not its owner. This implies non-minted DOJIs can receive gifts.

The courier app is available here:

Technical information:

DOJI can received ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, these NFTs are hold on the Courier app contract address until claimed by the DOJI owner.


Requirement: In order to use the Courier app, you need to use a browser with MetaMask installed, and connected on Ethereum mainnet. If these two conditions are not fulfilled the Courier app will not be able to find any gifts.

  • Checking for gift:

  • Claiming gifts:

  • Sending gifts:

You will have to validate two transactions to send the gift: a first transaction to "authorize" the contract to access your NFT, and a second transaction to properly send the NFT to the DOJI.

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